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The Homefront Music Series supports live music in our community.

The schedule at a glance (details below):

Brian Dunne and Ken Yates – July 24, 2014

Barnaby Bright – August 29, 2014

Tony Furtado – October 3, 2014

Seth Glier – February 7, 2015

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Brian Dunne and Ken Yates (co-bill)

July 24, 2014, 8:00 pm at the Wynfield Forest Clubhouse – outside seating (bring your own lawn chair or blanket and BYOB).  Our rain out location is inside the clubhouse where you will not need your own chairs.

15722 Wynfield Creek Pkwy, Huntersville, NC

Wynfield Forest Clubhouse Location

Yates and Dunne Tickets here!

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Brian Dunne Website     Brian Dunne Facebook

Ken Yates Website     Ken Yates Facebook

Pre-sold tickets are now available for $12 pp.  We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door.

Barnaby Bright

          with the Justin Taylor DUO

August 29, 2014, 8:00 pm at the Wynfield Clubhouse

14301 Wynfield Creek Pkwy, Huntersville, NC

Wynfield Clubhouse Location

Barnaby Bright Tickets here!!!


Barnaby Bright Website

Only pre-sold tickets will be available in July ($12 pp).  We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door.

The phrase “Barnaby Bright” is a medieval term for the summer solstice. In 17th century England, the longest day of the year was celebrated with a large festival to honor St. Barnabus, and all joined together in merry recitation of the limerick, “Barnaby Bright, Barnaby Bright, the longest day, the shortest night.” Nathan and Becky were instantly drawn to the name not only for its historical context, but also because of the many metaphors it represented to them: light and dark, good and evil, and the idea that though this innate, dualistic struggle is present in all of us, on the longest day of the year, light prevails over dark…goodness wins.

Since the release of their first album, ‘Wake the Hero’ in 2009, Barnaby Bright has garnered high accolades for their songwriting and sound. Grand prize winners of the NY Song Circle competition, Barnaby Bright’s music has also been featured on national television.

Nathan and Rebecca Bliss, the voices and the brains behind Barnaby Bright, are truly the modern day traveling troubadours, averaging roughly 200 shows and 40,000 miles traveled a year. You can find them on streets as far away as London or Amsterdam, and as remote as St. Paris, Ohio, toting their massive haul of instruments…multiple guitars, harmonium, banjo, ukulele, floorboard bass, thumb pianos and keyboards. Because of the great number of shows they’ve played in their world travels, as well as their unique instrumentation, powerful harmonies and thought-provoking, connective lyrics, this duo has mastered the original goal they set out to attain: to create a sacred, magical space for their audiences…a momentary escape from the outside world. Their songs deal with a diverse range of subjects as relatable as longing and love, and as dark as death and revenge. The resulting emotional journey Barnaby Bright takes you on during one of their shows is one you will never forget. Drawing inspiration from literature, human behavior, experiences shared with the fascinating people they’ve encountered on the road, as well as a hint of fantasy, Barnaby Bright is a classic vision of timeless indie folk rock in all its glory.

Justin Taylor ReverbNation

Tony Furtado

October 3, 2014, 8:00 pm at the Wynfield Forest Clubhouse

15722 Wynfield Creek Pkwy, Huntersville, NC

Wynfield Forest Clubhouse Location

Tony Furtado Tickets here!!!


Tony Furtado Website

Only pre-sold tickets will be available in November ($15 pp).  We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door.

Tony won the 1987 National Banjo Competition which led to the launch of his professional career.  He won the contest again in 1991.  With respect to his preference for music genres, Tony admits “I think I was kind of doomed to be a multi-genre player from the start.”  (source:  Katie Klingsporn, March 8, 2007 Telluride Daily Planet.)  He has spent decades in the music business fusing bluegrass, country, rock, blues, jazz, and folk (both American and European) on his expanding instrument arsenal of banjo, guitar, slide guitar and voice. (source:  Tom Watson, January 18, 2007 Modern Guitars.)

Tony Furtado is an indie record label’s dream artist.  He has lived primarily on the road for the last two decades.  He is gregarious, engaging and entertaining, on and off stage.  He’s been called a genius on banjo and slide guitar and his own creative interpretation-hybrid of Americana and indie rock is captivating.  Onstage, whether playing with a band or solo, he owns the room, mixing stories of his travels with musicianship that is off the charts.  Off stage, Tony admits to a “cupcake addiction” that he feeds with his “super secret cupcake recipe — shhhh!”  In addition to his outstanding musicianship, Tony is also a talented sculptor whose work has homes on Etsy.com and Amazon.com.

“I think some of my best recordings have actually been captured by bootleggers recording my band live, because in that moment, I’m just not thinking about it. All my energy is focused on the love of playing music and rolling with the moment. It’s a give and take from the audience to the stage, and back. And the music that is created is something that otherwise might not occur without that flow.” -Tony Furtado

Meet Tony Furtado Video

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